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Search is a recommended pre-requisite prior to any action to be undertaken in field of patents. We have expertise in formulating search strategies to extract relevant prior arts for a pre-defined outcome. The searches we conduct at IPNeeti include:

  • ​Prior art searches,

  • Freedom to operate clearance,

  • Validity Search

  • Landscape Analysis

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Drafting, if done carefully and skillfully, translates into a strong protection of an invention. We have drafted a significant number of provisional/non-provisional (complete) applications relating to varied technology domains for different jurisdictions apart from India including US, Europe, Australia, etc. While drafting, we ensure that the patent application includes:

  • Maximum coverage of possible embodiments of invention

  • Strategic approach towards claiming rights in relation to invention

  • Emphasis on the industrial applicability of invention

Other drafting work includes opposition notices/responses and responses to examination reports.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution


Prosecution is an umbrella which entails all activities to be undertaken in the eye of Patent Office as laid down by the Patent Law. The registered Indian Patent Agents at IPNeeti efficiently handle patent prosecution before the Indian Patent Office (IPO) so that all requirements dictated by the Indian Patent Act, 1970 are met timely. We offer holistic solutions which include:

  • Filing of patent applications

  • Submission of required forms

  • Attending examination reports

  • Attending hearings

  • Managing renewals of a patent

  • Attending opposition proceeding

  • Attending revocation proceedings

In addition to India, we assist in filing international applications (PCT) and also file patent applications in other countries through associated law firms across various jurisdictions.



Patent is said to be infringed when the rights protected by Patent laws are violated/exploited by others without the consent/permission of the patent owner. We conduct exhaustive infringement analysis for our clients and advise them on the best strategies available to deal with patent infringements or threats based on the end-goals of the clients.

We also offer assistance in preparing detailed validity/invalidity reports.

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