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We are at the threshold of AI Revolution!

Literally, ‘artificial’ stands for anything which human beings have created. So from flavors to flowers, and from lakes to clouds, human beings have managed to successfully prefix this term behind a myriad of things. But, frankly nothing seems to sound as exciting as prefixing the term behind one of the most unique characteristics of humans, their- ‘intelligence’. Artificial intelligence is an intriguing field believed to change the way humans live. But what is ‘artificial intelligence or AI? As of now, there is no hard and fast definition for it. It is actually considered a discipline of computer science aimed at carrying out tasks that need human intelligence to get solutions.

In coming years, Artificial intelligence systems can be incorporated in a range of applications. So from driver-less cars to analyzing people’s preferences based on their online search history, AI has the potential to sync in almost every domain. Not to forget- warning people from future pandemics. For example: a Canadian start-up named ‘Bluedot’ used machine learning to monitor outbreaks of infectious diseases around the world and raised one of the earliest alarms to its clients about the risk posed by a virus (coronavirus) that arose in the city of Wuhan in China. The alert was sent a few days before major public health authorities made official statements.

AI will also have a large role to play in the field of IPR. With advancement in technology and exposure to newer innovations, the number of IP assets along with IP documentation work is growing exponentially around the world. To make the process more efficient, AI and Machine Learning (ML) can be used to automate the process of searching databases and also storing and using already collected data to improve the accuracy of future searches.

While there have been debates regarding potential AI risks, it is true that our future will be dominated by Artificial Intelligence systems and there will hardly be any domains left untouched by this intriguing technology. Let’s wait and watch what all the 4th industrial revolution has in store for us.

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