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Architecture Model Sketching


Brand creation is the pre-requisite of devising a brand development strategy. We offer advisory services and assist in choosing the best brand for our clients. We also provide skilled assistance in designing distinctive logos for trademark filings.

Magnifying Glass


Conducting availability searches are highly recommended to ascertain whether a proposed mark is really new or may constitute an infringement of a pre-registered trademark identical/similar to the proposed mark. We have expertise in conducting extensive searches for availability of marks in India and countries designated under the WIPO Madrid Protocol. We accordingly advise the clients to pursue the right trademarks for their brands.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution


Prosecution is an umbrella which entails all activities to be undertaken in the eye of Trademark Registry as laid down by the Trademark Law. The attorneys/agents at IPNeeti efficiently handle trademark prosecution before the Indian Trademark Registry so that all requirements dictated by the Indian Trademarks Act, 1999 are met timely. We offer holistic solutions which include:

  • Filing of trademark applications

  • Submission of required forms

  • Attending examination reports

  • Attending hearings

  • Attending opposition proceeding

In addition to India, we assist in filing international applications (Madrid Protocol) and also file trademark applications in other countries through associated law firms across various jurisdictions.



An owner of a registered trademark is legally equipped to enforce his/her trademark rights in case of any infringement of the same. Also, a Trademark user may seek relief by passing off. We strategize the best possible approach to deal with trademark infringement and accordingly execute an action plan. We draft plaints, cease and desist notices and other legal documents for trademark enforcement. 

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