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An Idea

Can be extended to endless possibilities

And shaped into various rewarding IP assets

With an IPR law firm that offers not just IP management but 'meaningful' IP management

An IPR law firm that understands what your IP exactly needs

 We follow a multi-directional and systematic approach to sieve various prospects embedded in your creation and help you protect and nurture it. We believe in competing on quality rather than price and offer intelligent IP management to help you add value to your IP.

Our team has one of the best intellectual property attorneys in India who render multi-jurisdictional and comprehensive advice to our clients based in India and abroad. Our team helps them to tap the right opportunities at the right time, thus fostering their ideas into lucrative prospects.

Why us?

IPNeeti  believes in balancing quality and success. After all, it is not only about filing an application but rightfully securing your creation as an IP asset.


Our Track Record

99.9% success rate in patent grants

98% successful registration of trademark

99.9% positive outcome in registration of copyright and design

Our ambit of technology domains and industry segments


Research institutions

Manufacturing setups

Educational Institutions

E-commerce platforms

Governmental entities



Biomedical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Science

Chemical Engineering

Green technology

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer and Electronics

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