A patent is an exclusive right granted to an invention upon full disclosure. It operates for a specified duration in a given country or region and gives you the right to prevent others from making, using, or selling the invention without permission during this period. IPNeeti holds strong knowledge in all areas of patent protection. Our patent protection expertise includes:


  • Uncovering patents and non-patent literature that may impact patentability of your invention.
  • Rafting precise and patent applications which adhere to the drafting guidelines of leading patent jurisdictions including India, US, Europe to name a few.
  • Handling patent filings before government agencies such as the Indian Patent Office (IPO) and ensuring timely submission of relevant forms and documents.
  • Advising and responding to any issues raised by patent examiners based upon latest legal precedents.
  • Advising on strategies having high chances of prevailing in revocation matters, pre-grant or post-grant oppositions.
  • Conducting searches and providing comprehensive opinions including FTO checks, Validity/Invalidity searches, Infringement searches, Patent Landscape searches, and White Space check.
  • Offering strategic enforcement tactics upon identifying instances of patent infringement.
  • Providing continued support to maximize the value of your patent portfolio.


IPNeeti has a proven track record of representing our clients across diverse industries in patent strategy, prosecution and enforcement matters, including markets to opt out, infringement opinions, design around, etc. For a comprehensive patent strategy, contact us today!