IP Agreements commonly referred to as transactional IP, refer to the legal documentation service associated with the acquisition, sale, licensing, and transfer of Intellectual Property (IP) assets. Further, trade secret is also protected by way of IP Agreements. Trade secrets are the confidential information of a company, encompassing critical data such as customer lists, proprietary algorithms, financial records, and manufacturing processes. Safeguarding these trade secrets is paramount for maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Our attorneys specialize in navigating the strategic transactions. Key services offered include:


  • IP Licensing for Diverse Domain Assets: Expertise in negotiating and executing licensing agreements for a wide array of complex domain assets.
  • Structuring and Operationalizing Transactions: Proficiency in structuring and implementing transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spinoffs, and reorganizations with precision and efficacy.
  • IP Due Diligence and Risk Mitigation: Comprehensive due diligence services aimed at assessing and mitigating risks across a spectrum of strategic transactions involving intellectual property.


Our comprehensive legal security measures include:


  • Offering expert trade secret advice and counseling to discern and analyze the confidential data integral to a business.
  • Formulating policies and procedures tailored to fortify the protection of trade secrets for our clients.
  • Providing assistance in the drafting and negotiation of nondisclosure agreements and employee contracts.
  • Conducting thorough assessments to evaluate potential risks to trade secrets and devising strategies to effectively mitigate these risks.